Bubble Wrap Insulation

So you thought bubble wraps are just for wrapping fragile items? Or at the very best you can pop the bubbles and enjoy it. But no, bubble wraps can be very useful in insulating your windows and for making your house energy efficient. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself without any professional help or added cost.

Before we start learning how to do it, let us understand the science behind it. Insulating your home is very important to make it energy efficient, especially during winter months when you are interested to keep the house warm. Basically insulating means creating a barrier between your room and the outside environment. Now, windows being the thinnest part of your wall are the points from which your room looses heat, thus creating added pressure on the heating system and consuming more energy. Now, bubble wraps can be efficiently used to create an extra layer of protection that’ll seal the heat in your house and make you save on your energy bills.

Bubble Wrap InsulationWhat do you need to create bubble wrap insulation?

1.    Sheets of bubble wraps

2.    Scissor or knife to cut the bubble wrap in appropriate size

3.    Measurement tape to measure your windows

4.    A spray bottle filled with water

With these simple tools only you can successfully insulate your home windows with bubble wraps. Just follow the simple steps given bellow:

1.    First measure your windows with the measurement tape.

2.    Now with the help of a good scissor or knife cut the appropriate size from the bubble wrap sheet. To avoid confusion its best to work on one window at a time, so that you don’t mix up the sizes.

3.    Now spray some water on the window glass.

4.    Now stick the bubble wrap with bubble side toward the glass and smooth it out so that the water contact holds the bubble wrap in place. In case of rigid wraps you can use tapes in the sides, but this is not necessary in most of the cases.

5.    You can put another layer of bubble wrap on this using the same method.

6.    And voila! Your DIY bubble wrap insulation is ready.

7.    When you want to take the insulation down, just peel the wrap out from the window glass.

The benefits of doing bubble wrap insulation are as follows:

1.    It’s economical. Basically there is no cost involved apart from collecting the bubble wrap sheets.

2.    It’s effective. Bubbles being filled with air are highly non-conductive to heat is very much efficient to seal the heat in.

3.    It’s time saving. You can finish up one window in five minutes or less than time.

4.    You can do it yourself. The most important benefit is you can do all of this on your own. You don’t need to hire any professional help. Thus the whole process in highly effective.

5.    After taking down the insulation it does not leave any mark on the glass surface. As you are not using any kind adhesive here, you don’t need to worry about removing ugly stains from you window glass later.

6.    You can reuse the same wraps for the next season. Just mark the wraps with numbers in a corner so that you know which one is for which window. Once you take the insulation down roll the wraps and keep safe. The next season you can use the same wrap for the purpose.

7.    Bubble Wrap Insulation does not hinder light. Your windows can still be the source of light while insulated.

While bubble wrap insulation has many benefits, the only disadvantage it faces is that it cannot provide a clear view. So, if you need clear view from any of windows while insulated, Bubble Wrap Insulation will be not recommended there.

While all said, if you are wondering from where you can collect adequate amount of bubble wrap sheets insulate all the windows in your house, then the easiest solution is to collect bubble wraps from all the gift items year round. This way you can recycle, which is environment friendly too. You can also talk to the local furniture and electronics shops, as they throw away a large amount of bubble wraps generally.